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La région
Yes, we are natives of the Languedoc region.

This may seem surprising to you.
In fact, this region lying between the Massif Central and the Mediterranean is the only possible passage extending from the North to Spain; over the course of the passing centuries, it has undergone a continual mixing of populations and cultures.
Both invasions and conquests of new lands have been seen here.

But it is a matter of historical fact that our family settled here, and has lived here and has worked this wine estate in the heart of the Languedoc region for over two centuries now, going back at least as far as 1794.

Puissalicon is the formerly feudal village where we live. It is a “circulade”, or a typically Languedoc village built in concentric circles, clinging to the Cévennes slopes. It is here, on this land rich in history, lying in the Côtes de Thongue region, that our vineyard prospers: “La Croix Belle”.

Our wines’ strength and richness comes in large part from the special characteristics of our terroir. Here, the grapevines grow under their most favourable conditions: the roots plunge downward into a perfect blend of clay, limestone, gravelly soil, silt and pebbles; the bunches of grapes ripen in the brilliant Languedoc sunlight. The results are surprising, harmonious, balanced and delightful.

With the advantage of this exceptional microclimate, the vines indeed have the benefit of wonderful sun tempered by sea breezes and cool night winds off the Cévennes - essentially the Mistral, the Tramontane, the Narbonnaise, and so on..

Aside from the wines we are so proud of, we would like to invite you to discover and especially to share our life and experiences through a photo album richly illustrated with glimpses of our beloved Languedoc region – the region we have shaped and which is our pride.

Françoise and Jacques Boyer

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